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Congressman Ron Kind

Representing the 3rd District of Wisconsin

Rep. Kind Votes Against Bill that Makes Wisconsinites Pay More for Health Care While Receiving Less Coverage

March 9, 2017
Press Release

The House Ways & Means Committee, in the middle of the night, voted to move forward a bill that makes Wisconsinites pay more for less coverage, lacks transparency, and doesn’t give complete information about what it will cost American taxpayers. Rep. Kind voted against the bill.

“After 8 years and hiding a bill until the last moment, this is the best that my Republican colleagues can come up with? Instead of rushing forward legislation, without hearings or debate, that will negatively impact the lives of thousands of Wisconsinites, we need to recognize what works in healthcare, fix what doesn’t, and seek to lower healthcare costs for all Americans. I could not in good conscience support a bill that makes drastic cuts to BadgerCare, puts Medicare in jeopardy, raises insurance premiums for Wisconsinites, and jeopardizes access to care in rural areas,”  said Rep. Kind.

The Congressional Republican health care bill provides the wealthiest citizens an average yearly tax cut of more than $190,000 at the expense of hardworking Wisconsinites. Additionally, the bill gives insurance companies huge tax breaks, discourages people on Medicaid from seeking a job, and would result in loss of coverage for thousands of Wisconsinites.

During the markup Rep. Kind offered several amendments aimed at increasing transparency, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and protecting Wisconsinites from paying more for less coverage. All amendments were blocked by Congressional Republicans.