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Rep. Kind Statement on President Obama's Address to the Joint Session of Congress

February 24, 2009
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DCU.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) made the following statement following President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress:

“Tonight, President Obama leveled with the American people about the challenges we face and laid out a plan of how we will meet those challenges and emerge on the other side a stronger country.

“President Obama showed us tonight that he is focused on more than just getting us through the economic crisis – he has a vision for sustained economic growth over the long-term.  From investments included in the Economic Recovery Plan he signed last week, to new initiatives to reform health care, expand the renewable energy industry, and improve education, he is changing the mentality of the American government from ‘borrow and spend’ to ‘save and invest.’

“I especially appreciated President Obama’s commitment to return to honest budgeting and pay-as-you-go principles to address unsustainable future federal spending commitments.  For too long, the reality of our fiscal situation was masked by budget gimmicks and accounting tricks.  I agree with President Obama that being honest with the American people is the only way to reach honest solutions to the problems we face.”