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Rep. Kind Statement on Earth Day

April 22, 2008
Press Release

Washington, D.C. –– U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) today made the following statement on Earth Day:

“The 38th celebration of Earth Day is as necessary today as it was when first held at the urging of Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. The great environmental activism awakened on that day is still very much alive, as we face the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Senator Nelson envisioned a world in which ordinary people would contribute their energy, knowledge, and goodwill to safeguard the natural world that sustains us. This collective action and dedication is necessary if we hope to reverse the course of global climate change, in addition to our other environmental challenges.

“Today, we can reflect on the encouraging steps that ordinary citizens across our state and around the country are taking to reduce their carbon footprint – from changing the light bulbs they use to investing in hybrid cars or skipping an unnecessary trip to the convenience store. Even those individuals normally opposed to environmental legislation seem to finally have recognized its importance. Notably, President Bush has begun to recognize that the time has come to lower our carbon dioxide emissions, signing the most significant cuts in these standards in 32 years. Thanks to congressionally mandated action, the Department of Transportation announced today its changes to car and truck fuel standards. These new standards alone will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 521 million tons nationwide, saving drivers a total of 55 billion gallons of fuel. It is this combination of big policy initiatives and everyday choices that Senator Nelson hoped this country would achieve in his creation of Earth Day, and they are what will make the biggest difference.

“I have done my best to carry on Senator Nelson’s legacy of environmental stewardship in Congress through my work on the Natural Resources Committee, my efforts to reform the farm bill, my support of the Safe Climate Act and numerous other conservation bills. I will continue to make environmental stewardship a primary focus of my time in Congress, on Earth Day and beyond.”