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Kind to Meet with President Obama Today

March 10, 2009
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DCU.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) will meet this afternoon with President Barack Obama in his capacity as Vice Chair of the New Democrat Coalition (NDC), the House’s largest coalition of centrist Democrats. The meeting will focus on the White House’s legislative strategy for the upcoming year.

“There is tremendous opportunity for partnership between the White House and the New Democrat Coalition,” Rep. Kind said. “This group of members represents much of what President Obama campaigned on – bipartisanship, common sense, and investing in our future. From health care technology to regulatory reform, economic revitalization to expanded trade – our shared commitments are great. I am confident the NDC will be working closely with the White House to address the great challenges we face.”

The meeting will focus on several policy areas where the 68-member New Democrat Coalition has championed practical solutions to issues that focus on innovation, economic growth and transparency.

  • Health Care Reform: The NDC will continue advocating for the use of improved information technology in our health care system to hasten reform.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: The NDC will continue to advocate for fiscal responsibility and efficiency in government, with several NDC leaders, including Rep. Kind, recently participating in President Obama’s Fiscal Responsibility Summit.
  • Regulatory Reform: The NDC will continue to play a leading role in financial regulatory reform, which the President has identified as a major component of his economic plan.
  • Trade: The NDC will work with the Administration to forge a new trade agenda that maintains U.S. engagement and a competitive edge in global commerce.

“The President believes that he can and needs to work with the NDC not only because of the votes we carry, but because we are focused on advancing a pragmatic and solution-oriented policy agenda,” Kind added. “This will be a key partnership moving forward.”