Kind Unveils Plan to Grow Manufacturing, Ensure Economic Competitiveness

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) today unveiled his plan to grow the manufacturing industry and create jobs in an effort to keep America competitive and ensure our economic success at the Minnesota Wire plant in Eau Claire.  Kind was joined by several members of the local manufacturing community, including Minnesota Wire and the NW Manufacturing Outreach Center partnered with UW-Stout, to help unveil the agenda.

“America has the talent and the spirit to ensure our country continues to be the most innovative country in the world and the most successful in the global marketplace,” said Rep. Kind.  “This plan helps us capitalize on those strengths, support the transformation and growth of our manufacturing sector, create good paying jobs here at home and guarantee America’s economic success. For a country as great as ours, we need to build things, construct things and grow things here in America.

Rep. Kind’s manufacturing agenda recommends steps that help strengthen the manufacturing sector, increase the competitiveness of American workers, create jobs and ensure America is a leader in the global economy. The plan outlines three major initiatives.

  • Building upon a Solid Labor Force Foundation: Success depends on getting people back to work now with near term-projects while at the same time, growing and training a skilled workforce needed for the high-tech manufacturing jobs of the future.  This idea focuses on worker training; growing, attracting, and retaining scientific talent in America; and investing in existing infrastructure for efficiency.
  • Encouraging and Investing in New Ideas: America must continue to be at the forefront of innovation, which means fostering innovation and encouraging businesses and entrepreneurs to build and grow cutting-edge manufacturing here in the U.S.  This can be done through improving research and development tax incentives, promoting collaboration between R&D and production, encouraging long-term capital investments, and promoting innovation at the small business level.
  • Making a Global Presence a Priority: To effectively compete in a global economy, America must work with other countries to ensure that our manufacturers are treated fairly and have the opportunities to compete in new markets. In order to do this, we must focus on enforcing international trade agreements; ensuring we have fair trade agreements for new markets; and improving our tax competitiveness, closing foreign tax loopholes and ending currency manipulation by China.

"We need to let American innovation take the lead once again for science, technology and manufacturing,” said Minnesota Wire CEO Paul Wagner. “That's where the best jobs have always come from here at home.  We support public sector and government initiatives when they help create the freedoms that unleash our entrepreneurs, and pioneering individuals and businesses."

"Jobs are very important to the overall health of our country,” said NW Manufacturing Outreach Center Director Larry Blackledge. “A strong, competitive, and very productive manufacturing base is essential to this. To this end, we need to do the things that keep and grow manufacturing here at home, providing useful products for the markets of our country and the world.”

The following local manufacturers and organizations also support the plan and stood with Rep. Kind today as he unveiled the initiative: Trane, Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation and St. Croix Economic Development Corporation.

To view Rep. Kind’s manufacturing agenda, please click here.